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[連携講座] 化学療法分子制御学 Molecular Recognition Of Chemotherapy
教授 Professor 瀧口 総一 [博士(薬学)] Soichi Takiguchi, Ph.D.
教授 Professor 中島 創 [博士(薬学)] Hajime Nakajima, Ph.D.
The Research Institute has six faculty members, both clinicians and basic researchers, who are involved in the wide range of research projects such as hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, the mechanism of bone metastasis, immunotherapy, cytogenetics and molecular biology. We are focusing on various aspects of cancer (metastasis, resistance to chemotherapy and genetic alteration) and their clinical applications. One of the research projects deals with a new cancer metastasis-associated gene. Using gene knockout mice, our goal is to explore the biological significance of the gene in order to obtain a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of cancer metastasis.
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瀧口 総一 (Soichi Takiguchi)