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タイトル Progress 100(世界トップレベル研究者招へいプログラム) 南洋理工大学(シンガポール)・九大ジョイントシンポジウム
講演者 南洋理工大学(シンガポール)・九大ジョイントシンポジウム
所属 南洋理工大学(シンガポール) 、九州大学薬学研究院
開催日 2018-03-05 09:30
終了日 2018-03-05 17:00
内容 ●日時 3月5日(月) 9:30~17:00

●場所 コラボステーション1視聴覚ホール

9:30-9:40        Opening Remarks        Prof. Takashi Ohshima (KU)
Session 1 (Chair: Prof. Takashi Ohshima)
9:40-10:10    Special Invited Lecture 1    Prof. Shunsuke Chiba (NTU)
        “Molecular Transformation by Sodium Hydride-Iodide Composite”
10:10-10:40    Special Invited Lecture 2    Prof. Choon-Hong Tan (NTU)
        “Chiral Cationic Ion Pair Catalysis”

Session 2 (Chair: Prof. Shigeki Sasaki)
10:50-11:10     Invited Lecture 1        Dr. Kazuteru Usui (KU)
        “Challenges for synthesis of C-glycosides using glycosyl radicals”
11:10-11:30     Invited Lecture 2         Dr. Hiroyuki Morimoto (KU)
“Construction of tetrasubstituted carbon stereocenters via direct catalytic addition to N-unprotected ketimines”
11:30-11:50     Invited Lecture 3         Dr. Ryo Yazaki (KU)
        “Chemoselective Oxidative Cross-Enolate Coupling Reaction”

Session 3 (Chair: Prof. Go Hirai)
13:20-13:50     Special Invited Lecture 3    Prof. Han Sen Soo (NTU)
“Artificial Photosynthesis by Light Absorption and Photo(electro)chemical Catalysis”
13:50-14:20    Special Invited Lecture 4     Prof. Atsushi Goto (NTU)
“Organocatalyzed Controlled Radical Polymerization – Control of Polymer Structures via Reversible Generation of Radical”
14:20-14:40    Invited Lecture 4         Dr. Yosuke Taniguchi (KU)
“Synthesis and evaluation of substituted 7-deazadG triphosphate derivatives as hMTH1 inhibitors”
14:40-15:00     Invited Lecture 5         Dr. Naoya Shindo (KU)
“Selective and Reversible Covalent Modification of Non-Catalytic Cysteines with Weakly Reactive α-Chlorofluoroacetamides”

Session 4 (Chair: Prof. Katsuhiko Tomooka)
15:20-15:50     Special Invited Lecture 5       Prof. Jianrong (Steve) Zhou (NTU)
        “Asymmetric arylation reactions”
15:50-16:20     Special Invited Lecture 6       Prof. Naohiko Yoshikai (NTU)
        “Cobalt-Catalyzed C–H Activation and C–C Bond Formation”
16:20-16:50     Special Invited Lecture 7       Prof. Tamio Hayashi (NTU)
        “Recent Advances in Rhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Arylation”

16:50-17:00    Closing Remarks             Prof. Takashi Ohshima (KU)

学生 Free(Mixerに参加される方は500円)